071 - Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas


071 - Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas

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Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas

If your slow cooker has a removable crock, you can prep this the night before. Follow all steps up until cooking and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, put the crock in the slow cooker, set it to low, and you're ready to go!

Serves: about 8

For the beef carnitas:
2 - 3 lbs chuck roast
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper
½ tsp cumin
½ tsp smoked paprika
¼ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp onion powder
1 onion, sliced (I like sweet onions)
1 green pepper, sliced
1 red pepper, sliced
1 (4oz) can diced green chiles (don't drain)

For serving:
Corn tortillas
Your favorite taco toppings: shredded lettuce, salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, cilantro, etc.

1. Place rump roast in the slow cooker. In a small bowl, whisk together chili powder, salt, pepper, cumin,
smoked paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. Sprinkle spice mixture over the roast. Scatter the onion, bell peppers, and green chiles over the roast.
2. Cook on low for 7 - 8 hours, or until beef is pull a part tender. (You should be able to easily shred it with a fork or a pair of tongs).
3. Serve with corn tortillas and your favorite taco toppings.